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The Freshman 15

Everyone has probably heard of the dreaded Freshman 15. For those unfamiliar with the term, it jokingly refers to the number of pounds freshmen tend to put on by changes in their eating habits and lifestyles. Some of our students who just completed their first year may be noticing it right about now. I will admit, after my first year here at UT, I did gain the Freshman 15. Hey, those 5-6 trips a day to the Parks Tower dining hall take a toll over 9 months.

But the Freshman 15 I am going to talk to you about isn’t the one that shows up on the scale. Fall 2011 incoming freshmen, this blog is for you. In no particular order, I am going to give you 15 pieces of advice that will help you adjust to life in college, be successful students and have the best time you possibly can here at The University of Toledo.

  1. Meet the people who live around you in your residence hall. The people in my residence hall and on my floor turned out to be some of my closest friends all through college. I can say the same for a lot of people I know.
  2. Go to the Student Rec Center. It’s a great way to blow off some steam from those tough classes. Also, it helps counteract that Freshman 15 on the scale.
  3. Join student organizations. Get involved on campus to meet new people, experience new things and fill that resume.  
  4. Avoid skipping any classes. Missing one class can put you really far behind and you might have difficulties understanding the material for weeks.
  5. Get to know your professors. We have some of the nicest faculty members here at UT. Get to know them. It will help you do better in your classes.
  6. Find a group of friends who share your major. This is very helpful with questions about certain classes and projects. Living in a Living Learning Community in our residence halls can help you with this.
  7. At least try to eat healthy. I know, your mom will tell you this too but you really do feel better when you don’t eat junk food and pizza every day.
  8. Learn to sacrifice some social time for studying. Time management is a key factor to being successful in college.
  9. If you like sports, play intramurals. They really are a blast. You can be competitive or play in co-ed leagues with a group of friends and just have fun.
  10. See what our great city has to offer. Toledo is a fun town with tons to do for students. Ladies, you’ll like the shopping around here. Sports fans, head downtown to catch a Toledo Mud Hens baseball game at Fifth-Third Field or Toledo Walleye hockey in the brand new Huntington Center. We have concerts here all the time too. I’m a country fan myself..
  11. Utilize your support services here. Take advantage of speaking with advisors about your schedule, having the writing center look over a report and working with a tutor if you need a little extra help. (To name a few)
  12. Think about the big picture. I know it’s easy to get caught up in day to day activities with friends, but remember why you are in college and always have a vision of your goals in mind.
  13. Watch your spending. Once you are out on your own, it’s easy to lose track of everything you spend money on. You wouldn’t want your education to suffer or be delayed by reckless spending.
  14. Let’s be safe everyone. I’m not going to act like the party police, but this is the time to be responsible adults. Just think about your decisions before you make them.
  15. Support the Rockets. Students get in free to home sporting events. That means your ticket is your Rocket Card. The Glass Bowl and Savage Arena are two of the best athletic facilities in the Mid-American Conference. Boise State comes into town this fall on September 17 in football. I’m ready to get loud right now just thinking about it.

Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you in the fall.

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3 Responses to “The Freshman 15”

  1. John Adams Says:

    Very nice post. A great top 15 list.

  2. Nick Mignogna Says:

    Great post Justin! It’s something that should be shared at new student orientation.

  3. Nick Abalos Says:

    Support the Rockets!!! Good job Justin, I can tell that you write from experience

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