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Party like a Rock…Party like a Rocket

Sooooo all of last week was full of Holiday concerts, shindigs, parades, and whootenanny’s. Monday through Saturday I managed to re-live my days of undergrad and stay on top of the social scene and make a couple of celebrity appearances here and there.


I attended the Holiday Spectacular hosted by the UT Jazz Ensemble (check out my previous blog for some great clips). What I didn’t share was my picture with THE Jon Hendricks. He was very open to helping me out.


Jon Hendricks and I



This particular day was much needed. I went to Mulvaney’s Bunker with my former roomates, and current students, Matthew Hinkle and Luc Blazejewski. Every now and then, it’s important to catch up with people you haven’t talked to in a while. They’ve been busy with preparing for finals and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions keeps me busy , but we were able to squeeze in some flashback time.


Left to Right: Matt Hinkle (Accounting), Me, Luc Blazejewski (Pharmacy)


Some UT Colleagues and myself joined the Toledo Chamber of Commerce and a local group, EPIC (Engaging People, Inspiring Change), in a holiday event in downtown Toledo. EPIC offers several social networking opportunities to connect with other young professionals in the city. So, being the socialites that we are, some of my UT colleagues and I joined in the festivities.The appetizers were great! We even ran into some friends from the Health Science Campus. For more info on joining this organization for Toledo Yuppies, please visit here.


Left to Right: Shumiala Kinnear (Volunteer Services, HSC), Emily Creamer (Judith Herb Collge of Education), Ben Ciesinski (Residence Life), Whitney Walker (Orientation), Carlos Gooden (Admission), Angela DeAngelo (Health Science and Human Services)


Left to Right: Sam Giles (Patent Technology, HSC), Angela DeAngelo, Carlos Gooden, Whitney Walker, Emily Creamer.


If you were in Rocket Hall on Thursday, you probably witnessed the Pet Parade for “take your dog to work day.” The place was packed with water bowls spilling, barking chiuahuas, and saint bernards with reindeer antlers. There’s never a dull moment in our office!




Part of the Pet Parade


Mojo after taking a nap under my desk


This was our official Holiday Whootenanny for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Headed by our Admission Ambassador Task Force, this gives the staff the chance to hang out with the student workers and interact on a more personal level. Aside from the amazing dishes and dessert, we watched Charlie Brown Christmas and played a few “get to know you” ice breakers. It was well needed as we ended a work week and the students prepared for finals.


The Office of Undergraduate Admission Official Tree


Students and staff digging into the deliciousness


Tour Guide, Meredith Kincaid’s T-shirt (Classic Holiday Movie)


As a newly accepted student into the Higher Education program in the Judith Herb College of Education, I was invited to the Annual Higher Education Holiday party hosted by Dr. Ron Opp and Dr. Penny Poplin Gosetti (or Pop and Opp as the grad students call them). Not only did they have a lovely home, but it was great conversation. While grad school sounds scary, I am convinced I can handle it. I even got a little heads up on what a doctoral program experience would entail. Oh dear! Lastly, Saturday was the 13th, so I met up with my Blue Key brothers to celebrate and catch up. While we’re only 22 and 23, we all felt old. This change from undergrad to grad school and 8-5 thing is new to all of us, but we are all enjoying our experiences.


Finally, on Sunday…I rested (Sigh)

Happy Chrismahannakwanzakuh from mine to yours.

Until next time,

Carlos G.

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray….

The fall semester has a lot to offer at The University of Toledo. You experience the end of summer, all of a brisk fall, and conclude exams by welcoming a winter wonderland. As a recent graduate from The University of Toledo, I enjoy looking back at my four years at UT and it is filled with plenty of memories. From fall break, to painting the rock, to countless movie nights and Relay for Life, the opportunities to keep busy on study breaks are endless. With that said, I decided to narrow the list and share my TOP 3 favorite things to do in the Fall Semester as a UT student. So, buckle your seat belts and get ready, this is where things get a little crazy.

In no particular order:


The best way to fight off that Freshman 15 is to take advantage of the several things our Recreation Center has to offer. There are three pools, a rock-climbing wall and a very detailed intramural sports program that allow students to stay involved after a day of studying. While we do have a number of varsity and club sports, intramural sports allows students to compete in a number of different activities without it taking up too much time. Some of the popular fall sports offered are soccer, wiffleball, basketball, and even dodge ball (just to name a few). Ladies, this includes you as well. I actually believe the ladies division of flag football is more competitive than the men’s. It gets pretty intense. Any student is eligible to enter a team into these tournaments in which the winning team wins a T-shirt and bragging rights for a full year. A team can be formed with a group of friends from high school, some people you know through an organization or even your neighbors in your residence hall. It is definitely a great way to meet new people if you are not familiar with campus. For more information on the intramural sport program, how to sign up your team for the next tournament and to see past winners, please visit

Art and the Fighting Piranhas

The 2007 Co-Ed Softball Champs “Art and the Fighting Piranhas”


Known as the oldest tradition at The University of Toledo, Homecoming is a week-long celebration of the past, present and future rocket family. There are a number of different activities that occur throughout the week in which students can win tons of giveaways and build that rocket pride. Some traditional events include the annual pep rally with Football Coach Tom Amstutz, the football team, band, cheerleaders and car smashing. The Wednesday night bonfire is always a huge event featuring live performances and announcing of the Royalty Court. The Friday of HC week, the Alumni Associations hosts the Annual Homecoming Gala that honors those UT Alumni from around the world who have made a positive impact in their fields and/or on the UT community. Throughout the week, several organizations come together to build grandiose floats that amaze viewers throughout the community at Annual Homecoming Parade. The parade is hosted by Blue Key Honor Society and features alumni, local retailers, faculty, staff and added attractions from all over the mid-west. To end this week of free food, prizes, and concerts, is the traditional football game where the Champion Award, the winner of the float building contest and crowning of the King and Queen are all announced. Homecoming is a great way to connect with hundreds to thousands of UT alumni and show your school spirit as a UT student. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back for this celebration for many years to come.


The Winners of the 2008 Edward C. Schmakel Homecoming Float Contest, Pi Kappa Phi and Delta Delta Delta.

At one point or another, every student catches the rocket football fever. While it hit me early, some people don’t catch on until their sophomore year. Either way, football is a HUGE tradition at UT. All varsity home events are free to UT students, so each week you had better believe that students pack the historical Glass Bowl stadium. From tailgating to the bands awesome half-time show, the football games are a great way to end a week of stressful classes and exams. Our motto for our athletics is “See you at the game” because you will see thousands of students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community cheering for the home team. We have the highest attendance rate in the MAC conference along with one the largest press boxes in the nation for any college or University. If the rockets are on the road, stay tuned to the closest TV as we do make several celebrity appearances on ESPN throughout our season. We successfully defeated The University of Michigan this year and look forward to a big game against The Ohio State University at the Cleveland Browns Stadium in Fall 2009; however, if there is one game you absolutely must attend it is the annual BGSU showdown. Our rivals of over 70 years are our neighbors, Bowling Green State University. I recommend arriving early to this particular game if you want good seats. Lastly, if you haven’t learned the fight song by the first game, I suggest you study up:

U of Toledo, we’ll fight for you (fight, fight, fight)
U of Toledo, love that gold and blue (let’s go blue)
Men of the Varsity, the enemy must yield
We’ll fight just like our ancestors
And march right down the field


Enthusiastic Rocket Fanatics at a Football Game…Go Rockets!

There you have it! Those are my top three favorite things to do in the fall. Trust me, I could have written for days on the number of things there are to do at the TOL in the fall, but we’ll save those for a later entry.

Until next time,
Carlos G.

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