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It’s National Pharmacists Month!

When you hear the word October, what comes to mind? Okay, maybe this question is a little too easy, because we all can agree that when we hear the phrase October, National Pharmacists Month is the first thing that pops into our heads… or maybe not? The season of flu vaccines and applying to the professional division has arrived sooner than had hoped. But more importantly, the month of October should be dedicated to educating ourselves on the vital role pharmacists play in our everyday lives.

Throughout the month, pharmacists will continue to educate their patients on the precautions and the management of medications, whether it is from consuming various types of medicine or what bad habits to avoid during the period of time your medication is allotted for. The pharmacy division of healthcare tends to be over-looked, but their profession is just as important as our physicians. According to an article on Yahoo News!, patients who are more formally acquainted with their pharmacists are more likely to ask questions pertaining to their medication than people who are unfamiliar with their pharmacists. Likewise, patients are two times more likely to engage in conversation regarding the medication’s ingredients, similar over the counter drugs, side effects, etc.

Not only are pharmacists licensed to provide you with the most beneficial medication per diagnosis, but they also help screen for other health related problems that may have been over looked. For example, your local pharmacies usually offer follow ups on medications post counseling, screen for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. The more patients engaged with these crucial health care providers, the greater and more satisfying the results. We only have one month to recognize these healthcare providers and commend them for their hard work, so take advantage of all they have to offer year round!


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Yasmine Ayoub is a P2 student at University of Toledo's College of Pharmacy. She is a Sylvania Southview 2011 alumn. Yasmine spent the summer of 2014 continuing on her research about cancer cells and its correlation with green tea, attending a SNPhA convention in Alrington, VA, and working as a receptionist at Great Clips. She loves to run the trails at the park, watch re-runs of LOST, and go out for some Mr. Freeze ice cream with friends whenever she can. ​




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