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SNPhA’s 2014 National Convention in Alrington, VA

Last weekend I participated in SNPhA’s (Student National Pharmaceutical Association) 2014 National Convention which took place in Arlington, VA. Not only was it a great learning experience, but as well a bonding experience between some of the newly elected e-board members (Akeem Bale (P2), Taofeek Oyewole (P2), Kulvinder Nagra (P2), Christian Darmahkasih (P2), Shewit Ghidey (P4), Hanin Chouman (P3), Elias Bassil (P4), Christian Jeric (P4), and I (P2). This convention had a wide variety of events. We began with the clinical skills competition in which we were split into teams of two, were given a patient’s case, and asked to assess the patient, take notes on anything alarming, and give our treatment plan. Later that evening, we had dinner with Dean Early (a yearly tradition), along with an opportunity for us to network and meet some of the Dean’s associate. This years dinner was also an opportunity for us to celebrate Mrs. Ramona Hawkins birthday with her, unfortunately she couldn’t make it and we had to give her the birthday present and get well soon card at the NPhA opening the next day. The next day, the delegates, Akeem Bale & Kevin Nagra discussed and voted resolutions at the House of Delegates business session. The two resolutions sponsored by our chapter passed. The first talks about the need for team-based care, and as a result the need for pharmacist and other health professionals to collaborate especially at the student level. The second resolution is an update to an earlier resolution that we passed, and it basically talks about the need for pharmacist to provide MTM services to patients that have chronic diseases. Afterwards, we were given the opportunity to meet with representatives from different retail pharmacies across the country and other representatives of colleges/companies with residency/fellowship programs. For the final day, many awards were given to different universities regarding successful projects that their organization took part in during the academic school year. The University of Toledo was recognized as the winner for Wal-mart’s Prescription for Service for Region 3 after Elias Bassil, Hanin Couman, and Christian Jeric presented the project. This SNPhA project set to aid the Cherry Street Mission as an initiative that helps provide basic necessities like soap, food, and shelter to those in the NW Ohio region. Through this project we were able to bridge the gap between healthcare and the underserved in the Toledo area. One of our proud accomplishments was introducing a local independent pharmacy — one that donated medical supplies like glucometers to hand out to patients — to be the Cherry St. Mission’s pharmacy. The remainder of the grant is being used to open up an account for those people to pay for their prescriptions. Our chapter will continue to fund this account through the fundraisers that we do throughout the year.

A couple of UT students were also granted scholarships.  Christian Jeric won ‘Mr. James Bricky Hills Endowed Scholarship’ and Elias Bassil won ‘Dean Johnnie Early Book Award’. All in all, the convention was a great success and we are improving on our efforts and growing each year as an organization. Along with the educational aspect of this convention, we were also given time to tour Washington DC area and bond as a group. I strongly encourage pre-professional and professional members to take part in this organization. We have many events throughout the academic year ranging from interaction with pharmacy faculty, games, service projects a wide variety of illnesses, opportunities to network, and much more. The next regional meeting is in St. Louis, MO. From March 13-15 2015; and the National Convention is in Orlando, FL July 24-27 2015.


Thank you to Hanin Chouman, Christian Jeric, Akeem Bale, and Taofeek Oyewole on helping me out with the details for this article.


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Yasmine Ayoub is a P2 student at University of Toledo's College of Pharmacy. She is a Sylvania Southview 2011 alumn. Yasmine spent the summer of 2014 continuing on her research about cancer cells and its correlation with green tea, attending a SNPhA convention in Alrington, VA, and working as a receptionist at Great Clips. She loves to run the trails at the park, watch re-runs of LOST, and go out for some Mr. Freeze ice cream with friends whenever she can. ​




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