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Per le ragazze

Italy screams high fashion. Based on my first week here, it is clear that Torino’s neighbor, Milan, has had great influence on the careful styling of every outfit that walks the streets of city. Not only is Milan a bus ride away from Torino, Italian women and men are known for their fashion. I love every style that walks on the streets of Torino. From the teenage girl I met in a café to the sophisticated women I sat across from in the metro, everyone appears to have walked out of a fashion magazine. The Italian women and even men are standing out in what Americans consider business casual. Some even strut around in business formal. All appear elegantly put together from the style of their hair to the tips of their painted toe nails in gorgeous black wedges.

During my first week in Italy, I have not found a single Italian wearing a t-shirt splattered with wording or pictures. The absence of t-shirts makes me feel out of place considering t-shirts are more than half my wardrobe right now. Nice blouses often button-up shirts consume the city. Shorts that most American women wear, commonly known as short-shorts, are very rare. Even in the ending months of summer, many skinny jeans and nice long pants walk the Italian city. Mostly Italian women wear either skinny jeans or leggings with flats, boots, or wedges. Both women and men wear perfectly fitted clothing especially with pants – not loose and sagging or super tight. Beautiful and fashionable summer dresses have been common during this hot September week. I’ve especially noticed long maxi dresses and long skirts.

To accompany the clothes the shoes, purse, jewelry, and even makeup all combine to complete the look. Flip-flops are practically illegal in Italy and are only worn when going to the beach. Heals, flats, and boots of all styles strut the city sidewalks. Tennis shoes are never worn and many wear heels as they confidently glide through the metro and shops. Nails are perfection as they clasp a purse and jewelry is never overdone. A simple but gorgeous necklace with bracelet and earrings dangle elegantly on the Italian woman. Neutral makeup highlights their features.

I am intrigued by the fashion that surrounds me and enjoy the fashionable Italians. After shopping around the city, I hope to bring back an Italian wardrobe. I also can’t wait to explore the well-known fashion capitol and Torino’s neighbor: Milan.

2 Responses to “Per le ragazze”

  1. Jane Wurth Says:

    Amanda: Loved this article of yours! I just returned from the Italian city of Venice, and I couldn’t agree with you more! The Italians lead the pack when it comes to fashion. I am the owner of a boutique, Ragazza, in Toledo and Perrysburg . . . you sound like a “fashionista” . . . when you’re back in Toledo I would love to meet you! Will continue to look for your fashion articles!! Jane Wurth

  2. Amanda Bleasdale Says:

    Jane Wurth:
    I can’t wait to meet you when I get back! I love fashion and knew that when I got to Italy I’d be seeing some amazing styles. I am even more blown away than I ever thought, though. Everyone is always well dressed and I am very excited to travel around to different parts of Italy and Europe to see how the style varies.

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