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Gelato…I have made it into my daily reward.

Whether I successfully talked to an Italian – in Italian or it’s just a gloomy rainy day – I’ll find any reason to reward myself with delicious gelato. Every time I approach the counter one of two things occurs. Either I will have the combination of two flavors strategically planned in my head or I hesitate for about ten minutes attempting to formulate the perfect gelato combo. When ordering gelato, I usually get the smallest size which allows up to two different flavors. Since, I am obsessed with chocolate I immediately add that into the equation. Some of my favorite combinations consist of the chocolate covered strawberry (cioccolato and fragola) and “Nutella” (cioccolato and nocciola).

For more information on Gelato, I found a great article on the different flavors:

Flavors Tasted and Approved by me:


  • Cioccolato fondente
  • Bacio
  • Gianduja


  • Pistacchio
  • Nocciola


  • Fior di latte
  • Crema
  • Caffè
  • Cocco


  • Fragola
  • Limone
  • Pesca

Others or “Oddballs”

  • Stracciatella
  • Puffo


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