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An Ombuds is generally defined as a representative of an organization whose position is designed to investigate complaints and suggest solutions.  Within a university, the Ombuds helps students resolve concerns, problems or conflicts with regards to university policies, procedures and decisions.   The Ombuds will provide a confidential and neutral place for students to come to express their concerns and work to identify options for a successful resolution of their problem.  This does not take the place of other formal processes, but acts as an additional option to guide conflict resolution.

The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences is happy to announce that Maurice Manning, Ph.D., D.Sc. has agreed to serve as the Ombuds for the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.  Dr. Manning is a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Cancer Biology.  He has been widely recognized for his excellence in teaching having received the Deans Award for Teaching Excellence and 13 Golden Apple Teaching Awards.  He is also a renowned researcher whose work on peptide ligands for vasopressin and oxytocin receptors has contributed significantly to the scientific literature.   Many of these peptides have been utilized as research tools in laboratories worldwide and have helped to advance continuing research in the oxytocin vasopressin field.   In addition to his teaching and research excellence, he has been an outstanding mentor to many students through the years.  It is his true caring for his students and the University that makes him an excellent person to be our Ombuds.  Dr. Manning can be reached at (419) 383-4143 for appointments.


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