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7th Annual Black Male Summit University of Akron

Earlier this month I had the distinct pleasure of traveling with some of the men of The University of Toledo’s Brother’s on The Rise to attend the 7th annual Black Male Summit at The University of Akron. This conference was designed the highlight the recruitment, retention and achievement of African American males in higher education.

We had the honor of taking 3 UT success coaches, a business leader and entrepreneurial community member, and 11 University of Toledo students on this richly rewarding and inspiring trip to The University of Akron. Some of the seminar topics included:

  • Education and Success With Self Acknowledged Responsibility
  • Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution
  • African American Males Matriculating Through Higher Education and Society
  • Black Male Business Symposium

I truly believe the young men from The University of Toledo who attended were impacted in a tremendous way, and received some valuables insights on what it will take for them to be successful in their educational endeavors. As a staff member of The University of Toledo Office of Equity, Diversity and Community Engagement, and a 3 time graduate of UT, I know the impact that Higher Education can make in the life of a student. Attached are a few pictures of the future leaders who attended the summit. Feel free to check out some student testimonials here:  and


David Johns Black Male Summit Black Male Summit PicSummit U of Akron

is Jason Woodward joined The University of Toledo as an Account Clerk in December of 2000. He was a Direct Service Provider through the Rocket Solution Central Office from 2007-2012. He has been the Fiscal Specialist in charge of monitoring and reconciling budgets in the Office of Equity, Diversity and Community Engagement since January of 2013. Jason earned both a Bachelor’s of Business, and a Master’s of Science in Accountancy from The University of Toledo.
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