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Should we get rid of the doctor’s white coat?

Could the doctor’s white coat become a thing of the past?

News outlets throughout the country asked that question after 13 ABC featured The University of Toledo Medical Center’s Dr. Christopher Cooper testing resident doctors wearing scrubs during rounds rather than the traditional white coat. That local story quickly went national across the US.

The theory is that pathogens and bacteria could cling to the white coat as doctors see patient after patient, which raises concerns about infection for those with compromised immune systems.

A recent study by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America suggested a “bare below the elbows” policy during contact with patients, which would mean no long-sleeved white coat.

Watch the 13 ABC story here:


That local news story was then picked up by television news outlets across the country including Las Vegas, Colorado Springs and Dallas, as well as talk radio in places Seattle, Salt Lake City, Milwaukee and San Francisco.

Watch this compilation of some of the national coverage:


Kudos to Susan Wells, director of healthcare marketing, for coordinating the media coverage.

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