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UT had a marketing campaign several years back asking UT students and employees to use social media to share what they liked about UT with prospective students.

While that campaign focused primarily on boosting undergraduate enrollment, a couple of stories in the past few days about UTMC crystalized for me why so many people choose the former Medical College of Ohio our hospital.

From the Detroit News on Friday, Feb. 21:

Over the next several months, she would leave doctor’s offices feeling the same way: empty-handed and frustrated. She went through a revolving door of specialists in the fields of pulmonology, neurology, rheumatology, cardiology and endocrinology at three different medical institutions.

Finally in May 2010, Scholl was diagnosed by Dr. Blair Grubb at the University of Toledo with POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

And from today’s Toledo Blade:

Over the next year and a half, Ms. Rabquer saw numerous doctors who kept prescribing costly antibiotics to treat the C. diff. Her medical bills kept mounting but not even the strongest antibiotic available to treat the infections, vancomycin, could fight off the C. diff and restore balance to her system, she said.

She took more than six courses of vancomycin in a year and a half and her out-of-pocket cost after insurance was $1,500 for a 14-day dose.

Finally in April, 2012, Ms. Rabquer was referred to Dr. Nawras, who told her that her condition was worsening and she might need a colectomy, a surgical procedure to remove all or part of her colon. He also suggested that they could try a fecal transplant first as a last resort before surgery.

Dr. Nawras said he is the first doctor in Toledo to offer this treatment, and he had performed it twice earlier in 2012 on patients in critical condition at UTMC before Ms. Rabquer sought help.

Healthcare at UTMC is a team effort and many, many people are responsible for the great care patients receive. But it is that “finally” that sets our hospital apart. That’s what is meant when we say UTMC sets the bar for health care in our region. This is the higher degree of healing. These are the complex cases we’re talking about. Why come to UTMC? Because people come here in distress and this is the hospital where they get the correct diagnosis and treatment and say to themselves, “Finally!”

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