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Back in Action!

After an entire month without home work, study, lab practical, or exams I was expecting to struggle with getting back in the swing of “school life.” I actually enjoy school and it is something I am good at. School gives me a schedule and with a schedule I feel like I can do just about anything. I was amazed at how easily my classmates and I jumped back in the routine of school. After the first week of class I wrote in my planner all of our exams, project deadlines, and important events. I have scheduled time to study, workout, visit family and friends, and enjoy life. Last semester was a challenge. Graduate school is by far one of my biggest accomplishments and I am beyond proud to be part of the DPT class of 2015! We started together and we are going to finish together! 2 semesters down 7 to go!!

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About Felicia

Felicia is a first year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She graduated in the Spring of 2012 with a bachelors in Exercise Science from UT. For the next three years she will be engrossed in the DPT curriculum in hopes to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. Felicia is originally from Shelby, Ohio but has now made her home in Toledo. She enjoys the Mudhens, Mr. Freeze, traveling and being with friends. She is looking forward to the next three years and what the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program will teach her and what she can take from the classroom to the clinic.




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