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The Beautiful Brain.

Of the 21,000 students that attend the University of Toledo a very small percentage are privileged enough to work with human dissection specimens. Gratefully speaking, the Physical and Occupational Therapy Programs are given an amazing opportunity to work with full cadavers and full brain specimens, over the last three weeks we have worked with later. As you hold a brain in your hands you step back to think of how many memories this one organ holds, the individual it once belonged to, and the life it led. Your brain defines who you are it houses your language and motor skills, your personality characteristics, your senses, your memories and much more. The brain dissection lasted three weeks and covered the cardiovascular system, sensory system, lobes, gyri, sulci and much more. The brain is a beautiful intricate organ and I am blessed beyond measure to have been able to work directly with it. I want to thank all the anatomical donors and their families, without you this learning experience would not exist.

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About Felicia

Felicia is a first year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She graduated in the Spring of 2012 with a bachelors in Exercise Science from UT. For the next three years she will be engrossed in the DPT curriculum in hopes to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. Felicia is originally from Shelby, Ohio but has now made her home in Toledo. She enjoys the Mudhens, Mr. Freeze, traveling and being with friends. She is looking forward to the next three years and what the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program will teach her and what she can take from the classroom to the clinic.




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