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Full Circle. Classroom to Clinic!!

In the past month my career as a DPT student has gone full circle. I finished my last semester of my 1st year of classes, spent two weeks in the clinic, and have started the first week of classes of my 2nd year! I will spare you the details of studying for finals and skip right to the good stuff, clinicals! I was placed at an outpatient clinical site in Toledo, OH. As I walked into the clinic on my first day I made sure my name tag was on, my shirt tucked in, and that I was wearing a smile to secretly mask the bullets I was sweating. Within a few short hours of my first day I was able to practice what I had been learning the past year. I was interacting with patients, taking histories, performing manual muscle testing, measuring range of motion, and having fun! The past year had seemed to have flown by and I am proud to announce that the DPT class of 2015 is one year closer to graduation! We will ALL stick together from the classroom to the clinic!

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  1. cathy hornbeck Says:

    Congrats to all the DPT Class of 2015!! Thanks, Felicia, for reminding all of us that the “real” learning happens in the clinic. I can remember my first day in the clinic as a PT student as if it were yesterday. . . but it was 43 years ago. My prayer is that you & your peers will be just as excited about being a PT as I & my “Golden Oldies PT” friends are even after so many years. Best wishes in the next 2 years of your professional studies. . .

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Felicia is a first year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She graduated in the Spring of 2012 with a bachelors in Exercise Science from UT. For the next three years she will be engrossed in the DPT curriculum in hopes to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist. Felicia is originally from Shelby, Ohio but has now made her home in Toledo. She enjoys the Mudhens, Mr. Freeze, traveling and being with friends. She is looking forward to the next three years and what the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program will teach her and what she can take from the classroom to the clinic.




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