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Do we need a 13th month?

October is a busy month on campus!  But not too busy for us to point out before it’s over that it has been proclaimed “Information Literacy Month” by Ohio’s governor, John Kasich.

According to the American Library Association, being “information literate” is having the “skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information.”

As if that weren’t enough information, did you know that October is also Health Literacy Month?   What better way to celebrate than to take advantage of UT’s free annual health fair (“Welloween”), where our libraries will staff a booth to greet you with authoritative and reliable information resources and tips (and treats)!  The libraries have been active participants in Welloween since 2006.

Get the details here!  We would love to see you there on Friday.

(and just for fun, you might want to challenge your information literacy skills for yourself.  See if you can figure out for a fact which month is filled with the most number of commemorative and awareness causes.  I don’t know for a fact, but I do believe it is October!)

is Lucy Duhon is Scholarly Communications Librarian for the University Libraries. In this role she provides leadership in the libraries' scholarly communication outreach efforts and serves as a point of contact for the university community. Responsibilities include sharing current developments in issues relating to intellectual property and seeking out alternative modes of sharing and preserving research and scholarship. Ms. Duhon currently serves also as chair of the Library Faculty. Originally from New Orleans, Ms. Duhon has made Ohio her home since 1992.
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