Moving Forward

Exercise and Enjoyment for All!

As we enjoyed our winter break and celebrated the holidays, staff from facilities, rec center and contractors worked tirelessly to enhance rec center. The exercise machines area was evaluated earlier to ensure that wheelchair users could navigate and have access to desired equipment.

Prefer swimming to lifting weights? Good news, the pool area has been improved. The spa, lap pool and leisure pool have been upgraded for convenient use for people with mobility disabilities. New transfer bars and handrails will make getting in and out of the water much easier. As well as the new fixed lift at the lap pool and portable lift at leisure pool. This has made access an easier experience and, if desired, and independent one. The staff has been trained to use the equipment and better assist those who need it.

This can take the “work” out of trying to workout and put “leisure” back into leisure pool.

This is part of the University of Toledo’s ongoing commitment to equal access.

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