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Accessibility Workshops Available

As the ADA Compliance Officer, I hope to see accessibility come to the University of Toledo in relationships within and between departments. It makes my job easy when people are proactive and just do the right thing because they want to. Shining examples are below. I hope many of you will take advantage of such opportunities.
The Office of Academic Access has partnered with Learning Ventures to offer two technical training sessions related to accessibility. Please visit the link below for topics and dates.
Also, workshops are available from the partnership of Leaning Ventures and the University Teaching Center:
Making Accessible Course Materials:
Session dates, times and locations:  
Wednesday, February 12, 1- 2 pm  (Main Campus, UH 5120 University Teaching Center)
Thursday, February  20, 3 –4 pm (Main Campus, UH 5120 University Teaching Center)
Friday, February 28, 11 am – 12 pm (Health Science Campus, Mulford Library 140)
If you have questions regarding this offering, please contact the University Teaching Center at

These are brought to you by the University of Toledo’s commitment to equal access for our diverse community.


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