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Relax and Be Safe Over Fall Break

It seems like just last week we were welcoming you all to the new semester and already Fall Break is upon us. It is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on some reading, study for an exam, or just to spend some time enjoying the beautiful Autumn season.

I hope you all are taking advantage of the abundance of resources that the University of Toledo has to offer. Remember that going to your teachers’/professors’ office hours is a wonderful way for you to stay in touch and have questions answers straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I also encourage you all to stop by the Office of the Student Experience in the Student Union (Rm. 2521) as well as my office in University Hall (Rm. 3630) if you have any questions or concerns on navigating your way around the University, of if you’d just like to stop by to say hello.
Remember that next week is Homecoming Week, during which there are a multitude of activities and events in which to take part. You can find a list of these activities here.

Whether you are traveling or staying in the University area I want all you to be safe and make smart decisions during Fall Break. Enjoy the time off and I look forward to seeing you on campus next week!

Go Rockets!


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