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‘Bear Down’ for the Bearcats!

Last week our Toledo Rockets held off the Eastern Michigan Eagles in a wild 52-47 victory, improving their record to an impressive 6-1 (4-0 in the MAC). The back and forth contest featured a third quarter which had 8 touchdowns alone, 4 for each team! The Rockets look to keep that firepower coming into Saturday, when they host the 6-0 Cincinnati Bearcats. This will be the 10th time that Toledo has hosted a BCS team since the inception of the BCS in 1998.

How are the Rockets consistently able to schedule BCS opponents? In a recent Toledo Blade article athletic director Mike O’Brien placed a premium on scheduling along with great working relationships with other campus’ athletic administrators. In recent years, however, attracting a BCS opponent to the Glass Bowl has become exceedingly difficult. The reason? Fear. The Rockets are an intimidating 11-4 at home since 2010, and have had played in bowl games the last two years. A huge part of their success is due to the outstanding student support at their games. Looking out upon the sea of Blue and Gold inspires this team to victory.

The Toledo Rockets are a stunning 6-3 when hosting a BCS team; can they push it to 7-3 against the Cincinnati Bearcats this Saturday? Come show your support at the Glass Bowl at 7:00pm! Remember this week is a “Gold Out” game so be Bold and wear Gold!

See you at the game!

Go Rockets!


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