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It’s Time…to Talk About It!

The month of April on the UT campus is a very significant one: Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual assault isn’t an easy subject, and many cases may go unreported because of a reluctance to talk about it. The time to talk, though, is NOW! Talking early and talking often about sexual assault is the best way to spread awareness and prevention. That’s why here at UT the month of April is dedicated to just that.

The UT Counseling Center and the Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Program (SAEPP) are sponsoring a calendar full of events both on campus and in our surrounding community. Both men and women are encouraged to participate – everyone can be an ally for our community! These events obviously deal with very serious themes and are aimed to educate but we will also be discussing some of the strides that have been made in the past years regarding sexual assault and prevention in our own community.

The full schedule of events can be found here, YOU can make a difference!


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