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I am Thankful for…

most certainly Family and Friends.
my enchanting husband.
a warm bed to sleep in.
the ability to hear and sing music.
books, for without them my adventures would be limited to this world.
the RAs who keep me young and on my toes.
those who reach within themselves to help others in need.
the festive times of year when our hearts get bigger.
the sound of a tennis ball against its racquet.
kale soup, as it warms the soul.
all of my positive influencers throughout life.
those who challenge me.
the love of learning.
UT spirit and pride.

What are you thankful for? Reflect.

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About Matt Perry

Matt Perry

Matthew Perry serves as the Area Coordinator through the Office of Residence Life at UT. His main responsibilities are centered on developing and supporting the suite-style residence halls. He is involved with several activities/initiatives at and around UT including the UT Culture Ambassadors, advising, Toledo MPowerment, and NACURH, Inc. He is very dedicated to promoting positivity, diversity, and inclusivity across and beyond campus. Matt deeply believes that the college experience and student development is about both the academic and social experiences. When we are able to bring both experiences together to engage students, we are able to create a fantastic student experience for our Proud Rockets. In his spare time, Matt enjoys supporting UT’s student organizations, traveling with his partner, singing, and playing tennis with friends. Go Rockets!

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