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It’s already been three weeks since I arrived in Puntarenas, Costa Rica; needless to say, time is flying by! Here are a few anecdotes since my last blog post.

In life, we rarely know what is going to happen next. Day to day, we live our lives not in fear but with curiosity as to what type of experiences and opportunities will arise in the coming days. We [I] continuously search for that special something or someone who will change our lives forever. (previous blog) Yet all along, we [I] may have been looking in the wrong places.

Throughout my many journeys I have searched for something tangible, something I could grasp onto and cherish for the years to come. Though, I’m learning that regardless what the object is, they begin to deteriorate over time. I’ve bought some of the coolest souvenirs and took some of the coolest photos, yet I feel like those objects are sometimes meaningless. Through a series of unfortunate events, I’ve found that the love of family is much more important than wealth [objects] and privilege.

On September 4th, my Uncle Mike Andrews of Muskegeon, Michigan passed away; arguably one of the more difficult situations in my life. Though I was not necessarily close with my Uncle due to the location of our families, this unfortunate event really impacted me and strengthened my family bond.

What is unique about the love is that it is never measured in distance. Unlike a souvenir, love can stretch miles and miles apart: in my case, love stretches 2,500 miles. It is such a uniquely powerful bond that can be felt at anytime. Whether I’m in Costa Rica or right next to my family, our love for each other will never change. What kind of souvenir can do that?

Surprisingly, I’m not homesick and nor’ have I ever been homesick. Maybe it’s just luck or maybe it’s something more than that, to be honest I’m not really sure. Though, what I am sure about is that my family has and will always be my backbone in times of need.

Without my family I would not be who I am today. I would of not traveled the world at such a young age. I would of not had my faith based education in a private school. I would of not had many of the experiences I’ve had without my loving and caring family. They’re the ones who make things possible for me and they’re the ones who I love. They are that someone(s) special that will impact my life forever.

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