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First Graduate Student Association Meeting!!

Graduate students…. The time is here for our first Graduate Student Association (GSA) meeting. The GSA gives graduate students the opportunity to become great leaders, participate in a nationally recognized symposium, provides travel reimbursement money for those seeking funds to attend conferences or symposiums around the US, enables your voice and concerns to be heard at the administrative level at UT, provides professionalism services, gives you the chance to make friends with potential colleagues in different colleges at UT and perhaps most importantly gives you the opportunity to network with successful individuals and corporations in almost every aspect of study. We look forward to meeting and working with you!

 To get involved, feel free to e-mail aaron.shaw@rockets.utoledo.edu  for more information. Also, check out the University of Toledo GSA website: http://www.utoledogsa.com/  .

is Aaron is a passionate runner and triathlete. Aaron received his bachelors of science at Bowling Green State University in Applied Health Science Health Specialization. He has also completed his masters’ of science in Exercise Physiology with a focus in cardiopulmonary physiology and metabolism. He is currently attending Physician Assistant school at UT and hopes to practice Cardiothoracic or trauma surgery in the future. He is currently serving as president of the Graduate Student Association at the University of Toledo. For more information about this organization please visit www.utoledogsa.com.
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