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You don’t have to have a background in astronomy to identify these stars. The UT Shining Star Award is a newly created way to recognize stellar commitment to student centeredness and the student experience across the academic enterprise. Anyone can be a shining star, and I encourage all members of the UT community to send your nominations – be sure to include the reasons this person deserves this award – to Tony Urbina in the Office for the Student Experience: tony.urbina@utoledo.edu

The first recipient of the award is Dr. Kathleen Thompson-Casado, Associate Professor of Spanish. You can see some of the reasons she’s a Shining Star by Watching the Provost Corner video (at the 3:54 mark) posted at:

The University of Toledo could fill multiple constellations with the student-centered people who work at making the student experience exceptional. Help give them their deserved recognition by sharing their stories!

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