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Massage – More Than a Luxury

Regular massage therapy has many benefits besides the very important benefit of increased relaxation.
– MORE EFFICIENT IMMUNE SYSTEM – Researchers have found that massage can lower the body’s production of coritsol, a stress hormone that blocks the body’s immune system. (AND adds fat to the belly!)
– REDUCED INFLAMMATION – Massage will inhibit the activity of cytokines, proteins that cause inflammation, while it promotes the growth of mitochondria, which produces energy in the cells. Inflammation has been linked as a contributor to many disorders in the body.
– IMPROVED GROSS MOTOR CONTROL – Basic massage techniques have been shown to improve the mind-muscle link and the body’s innate sense of the position of all of its parts. This can translate to being a better golfer, dancer, tennis player, etc.
– IMPROVED DIGESTION – Massage encourages the release of enzymes that break down food in your gut. This means better absorption of nutrients, improved bowel function and relief from gastrointestinal distresses.- Let your therapist know of any issues, so a nice belly massage can be included in your session.
– RELIEVES DEPRESSION – in 2010 the Journal of Clinical Psychology reported that research indicated that massage therapy improved emotional mood by the release of oxytocin, a hormone related to increased feelings of optimism.

Regular massage therapy can be a great way to maintain a healthy body and mind. It can keep you out of the doctor’s office, saving you lots of health care costs in the long run. It can keep your spirits up, which can result in better production at work and better relationships with friends, co-workers and family.

Make an appointment today! The benefits are cumulative, so your health improves with each session.

is Licensed in massage therapy,certified since 1979. Worked through the years in a small private practice in Toledo while raising a family and working full time. In 2007 Vicki had an epiphany that led her to enrolling in a local massage school, and obtaining her license with the Ohio State Medical Board. She is certified in oncology massage therapy, and is clinically certified in aromatherapy. In April, 2011, UT Physicians hired her as a massage therapist. She was thrilled to land this position. Vicki has always had a passion for customer service, and this is the ultimate service-to help people feel better through touch applied with intelligence, control & purpose.
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