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Rest, Renewal and Relaxation

These cold temperatures and snow have driven us indoors. Even if you enjoy outdoor winter activity, time spent outside is limited due to the extreme temperatures.
Perhaps we should take this opportunity to rest and be still. We are a restless, overstimulated society. The nervous system, the organs and the mind all need rest. It is in the state of rest, the state of nothingness that the groundwork is laid for healing, creativity and productivity.
Take a nice bath, spend some extra time reading, napping or meditating. Get a massage! It is ok to be lazy from time to time, and just rest.
Relaxation massage has been referred to as “foo-foo” massage, “girlie” massage or “fluff & buff” massage. The dominate mindset of massage therapy has become one of fixing and doing. We must remember that sometimes relaxation massage is what is needed, and can have a profound effect on our well-being, mentally and physically.
There is a place in massage for treatment oriented bodywork and for relaxation massage. Massage for the purpose of relaxation, provided with intelligence and control makes an important contribution to health and does not deserve to be dismissed in the way that it often is.
We need to remember what is right about our bodies, instead of being reminded what is wrong about them. Healing comes from within, and a good relaxation massage can help you connect to, and make peace with your body, so it can initiate its own healing.
Do your body a favor and make an appointment for a relaxation massage. My table is very warm and inviting, the lighting is soft and a gentle nurturing touch may be just what you need!

is Licensed in massage therapy,certified since 1979. Worked through the years in a small private practice in Toledo while raising a family and working full time. In 2007 Vicki had an epiphany that led her to enrolling in a local massage school, and obtaining her license with the Ohio State Medical Board. She is certified in oncology massage therapy, and is clinically certified in aromatherapy. In April, 2011, UT Physicians hired her as a massage therapist. She was thrilled to land this position. Vicki has always had a passion for customer service, and this is the ultimate service-to help people feel better through touch applied with intelligence, control & purpose.
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