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As interim director of health care marketing at The University of Toledo Medical Center I am privileged to find myself regularly meeting with our medical experts and specialists about the amazing work they do to heal our patients. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in the UT Heart and Vascular Center with cardiologist Dr. Jodi Tinkel working on a video project in partnership with WGTE-TV. The focus of our discussion was women’s heart health. It was so interesting to learn from an expert why heart disease can be very different in women than in men. Watch for the video in the weeks to come. It is part of the Health Check video project with WGTE, which will tackle various health topics and offer useful health information. The day of the video shoot we were also joined by a patient of Dr. Tinkel’s, Bridget Irmen, who happens to work at the College of Nursing. What struck me was the warmth of that doctor-patient relationship and the trust. In the marketing office as we reinforce the brand of our hospital, we often talk of the value of the science and research that comes with an academic medical center such as UTMC. We also often reference the value of the strong patient-doctor relationship. It was such a privilege to be invited in to witness that very personal interaction. Maybe we should be known as the academic medical center with heart?

is the director of health care marketing at The University of Toledo Medical Center. She and the marketing team work to strengthen the brand and image of UTMC, the region’s only academic medical center.
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