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The Flu (Week 52): Ohio, Michigan and Beyond

In The Guns of Navarone, Gregory Peck challenged David Niven’s reluctance to wage war with, “You’re in it now…up to your neck.”  That’s an apt statement as you peruse  the following map and graphs depicting how the flu has run amok.

This surge has not gone unnoticed at UT.  The Flu Committee under the direction of Dr. Michael Valigosky has already convened to discuss where UT (both campuses) is and where it needs to be with regard to preparing for and responding to the Flu.

A UT-Flu website will be developed with official guidelines from CDC and ODH and other useful info.  Meanwhile, I’ll be populating this blog with up-to-the-minute official material as it becomes available.

If you’ve been immunized, great!  That’ll be of benefit to you, your patients, colleagues, family, and roomies.  More immunization news from UT will be forthcoming.  Remember, vaccination is key and this batch of vaccine is well-suited for the flu viruses that are in play this year.

In the meantime, augment your personal hygiene measures.  Wash your hands often (hand sanitizers are good, but soap and water work better) and maintain respiratory precautions. 

By the way, David Niven accepted Greg’s challenge and destroyed the Guns of Navarone.

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Paul Rega is a board-certified physician in Emergency Medicine and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health & Disease Prevention and the Department of Emergency Medicine. A passion in Disaster Medicine has resulted, over the years, in multiple deployments, research and education both nationally and internationally. This has branched out into developing strategies associated with counter-terrorism and pandemics. Currently, Paul is assisting with H1N1 preparedness and response within UT and into the region.




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