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Now, as we enter Week 3 of the Flu season……

Flu activity remains elevated across the US, even though there are pockets of the country where the virus has lost some of its stranglehold.  During Week 3, there have been eight influenza-associated pediatric deaths reported to CDC .  The total now stands at 37.

Looking at the geriatric population, 50% of all flu-related hospitalizations were for people aged 65 and over (“Between October 1, 2012 and January 19, 2013, 6,191 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations were reported. This is a rate of 22.2 per 100,000 [total] population”).

Besides age, what was the type of person most commonly hospitalized?  Here is a breakdown:

Those with

*cardiovascular disease,

*metabolic disorders,

*obesity, and

*chronic lung disease (excluding asthma);


Here is a graphic summary:

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