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What’s happening in Week 5 of this Flu Season?

Flu activity in the USA is on a slow decline, according to CDC’s surveillance.  There are fewer states reporting “high activity” (7 down from 10 last week) and the number of children’s deaths are fewer (3 down from 9 last week).

Here’s this week’s FluMap.  Notice that Ohio and Michigan are still reporting widespread activity.

Meanwhile, check out what’s happening “across the pond.”

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Paul Rega is a board-certified physician in Emergency Medicine and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health & Disease Prevention and the Department of Emergency Medicine. A passion in Disaster Medicine has resulted, over the years, in multiple deployments, research and education both nationally and internationally. This has branched out into developing strategies associated with counter-terrorism and pandemics. Currently, Paul is assisting with H1N1 preparedness and response within UT and into the region.




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