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First Tailgate of the Season


Over the weekend Rocksy and I went to the Browning Masonic Community out in Waterville, Ohio.  The event, called Miracle Miles for Memory Care at the first annual Road Rally and College Tailgate Party, was held to support the fight against Alzheimer’s. The Tailgate began bright and early on Saturday morning. We were first greeted by an alumni of this great university, who was also a UT cheerleader from 1969-1973. She told me how much I have changed since she was in school; and she was absolutely ecstatic to meet Rocksy for the first time. I even got their picture to share the memory forever:

Freddie and Frieda were there to join in the tailgating fun and to support the fight against Alzheimer’s too. Even though our rivals were at the tailgate I didn’t let their presence affect my fun in the sun. In fact, Rocksy and I even caught them sporting our colors! (We don’t think they noticed that we noticed and we even got some evidence to keep in our scrapbook!)








My friends in the Rocket Marching Band also came to support the cause and join in the fun. When Rocksy and I found them they were hanging out with some clowns. We had fun dancing and cheering with them as they played music for the crowd. The Rockette’s, Toledo’s dance team, were there as well.

Along with the tailgate was a Road Rally. There were all kinds of classic cars, motorcycles, sports cars, slow cars, fast cars, and even blue cars!  All of these cars were traveling across Ohio and raising money to support the fight against Alzheimer’s. One of the rider’s even let Rocksy and I ride his Harley, it was so exciting, and not to mention the coolest color ever!

My fellow Rockets, you would be proud to know I tailgated until I literally dropped! GO ROCKETS!


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