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My fellow Rockets,

I am writing this to officially announce my candidacy for the…. Capital One National Mascot of the Year! I think I have all the qualities to be King of the Mascots! You can get a small taste of all I do  in the video below:

If you may not know The University of Toledo and I are currently ranked second in the Write-In Contest as shown here:

What does the Write-In vote mean? If you were following me this past year, I sadly did not make this year’s team. However, the winner of the Write-In vote earns an automatic place on the 2013 Capital One All-American Mascot team! To win I need your votes! Here is how you can help:


You can vote for me an unlimited number of times from now until the deadline on December 17, 2012 (11:59 a.m. ET). Again, I can not do this alone, I need your help and support. My fellow Rockets, I am calling you out on your Rocket Pride, lets see what you’ve got! Securing my place as King gets The University of Toledo national media coverage throughout the college football season. And if I am a participant five times, I get inducted into the Capital One Mascot Challenge Hall of Fame!

In short, vote for me, Rocky, for King of the Mascots! Spread the word to vote for me, and help support the University of Toledo. I believe in you Rockets and remember win or lose I will always remain here cheering you on and helping you fly high! You are, and will always remain #1 to me! Go Rockets!






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