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And the winner is.. McComas Village!

The SEED Initiative in collaboration with the Office of Residence Life just finished up our energy competition, BlackoUT. After 30 days of grueling competition between the residence halls, only one hall could come out on top. And that hall, or collection of halls rather, was none other than… McComas Village!

Results were as follows:
1st Place: McComas Village- with 26% reduction
2nd Place: Ottawa East & West- with 20% reduction
3rd Place: International House- 3rd Place with 17% reduction

Total Energy Saved: 944,642.7 kWh
CO? Emissions Reduced: 494.1 tonnes
Equivalent to Planting 12,677.9 trees

In order to determine energy reduction, we used 2011’s energy consumption data for each hall. Each week we took meter readings to see how much was used in that week. With a few calculations we determined the percent change from 2011 to 2012. With this data, we could keep all halls on an even playing field even if they have dining halls, and/or are smaller or bigger than other halls.

Since the competition is over, does that mean you should go back to my old energy habits? Heck no! Make your new energy saving habits a part of your daily routine! Always turn out your lights when you leave the room and unplug electronics when they are not in use!

If you’re hall didn’t win this time, don’t be discouraged! You have another chance at claiming the energy title next semester with the national energy competition Campus Conservation Nationals. Want more information on CCN? Go to: McComas Village will get a fancy engraved plaque to showcase their domination until the end of CCN when the next champion will get the plaque. McComas Village also gets some t-shirts for their top energy saving gurus! Finally, SEED extends a huge thank you to everyone’s hard work on this competition including ResLife administrators, especially Erin Baker, hall staffs, RAs, and UT residents!

is Brooke Mason, Sustainability Specialist for The University of Toledo, manages the Rocket Recycling program for over 100 buildings on three campuses with a staff of one non-student and six student employees. She is also responsible for the greenhouse gas inventory and the Climate Action Plan, which guide the University toward climate neutrality. Brooke is highly involved in sustainability education and outreach towards students including advising the Environmental Sustainability Living Learning Community, Society for Environmental Education, and UT’s Student Green Fund. She runs other student sustainability programs including Rockets Recycle: Green Tailgating, Friday Night Lights, RecycleMania, Campus Conservation Nationals, BlackoUT, and the Give & Go: Move Out program. Brooke has earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management from Bowling Green State University and is currently working on her Masters in Engineering at UT. She also sits on the Stewardship Committee for the Black Swamp Conservancy.
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The University of Toledo’s SEED Initiative, housed within but not limited to Facilities & Construction, focuses on Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, and Design to ensure the University is operating in a manner that betters our neighbors, economy, and planet. Through environmental sustainability projects, energy conservation measures, innovative building renovation and design, and a comprehensive educational campaign, SEED commits itself to leaving behind a better planet than when we started.

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