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You Can Save the World with a Burrito!

$5 is less than the cost of a burrito at Chipotle. Skip your foil-wrapped lunch for one day and help improve your campus (oh, and save the world). If you are a student, log into your myUT portal to opt-in to the Student Green Fund. If you are a faculty, staff, or community member, you can donate through our UT Foundation Account. I see it as my responsibility, not only because I sit on the Fund as the staff representative, but because I see the importance and potential of the Green Fund. As the semester comes to a close, it is again time to pay your bill. Please consider opting into the Student Green Fund. Your $5, in combination with your fellow classmates $5 will enable other students to make real, change on UT’s campus. This semester we were able to fund and support several projects. The Green Fund has approved funding for a compact fluorescent (CFL) bulb exchange in the residence halls that will not only decrease energy costs, but will educate students on the importance of making smart light bulb purchases. The project projects savings of $421.12 per year just by changing 100 incandescents to CFLs. The second project we are supporting is an application to create a web portal to encourage and set up carpooling opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. It is currently in its infancy stages as the project proposer’s talk with administrators about the likelihood of the project, but it has the full support of the Green Fund. Do you have a project idea for the Green Fund? Work on a proposal over break and submit it once you get back! We are looking for beginning to look for spring semester applications. Again, can you forgo that $5 and contribute it to something larger than yourself? After all, it is the season for giving! So give to a cause that will make a lasting difference at your home, The University of Toledo. For more information on the GF go to


is Brooke Mason, Sustainability Specialist for The University of Toledo, manages the Rocket Recycling program for over 100 buildings on three campuses with a staff of one non-student and six student employees. She is also responsible for the greenhouse gas inventory and the Climate Action Plan, which guide the University toward climate neutrality. Brooke is highly involved in sustainability education and outreach towards students including advising the Environmental Sustainability Living Learning Community, Society for Environmental Education, and UT’s Student Green Fund. She runs other student sustainability programs including Rockets Recycle: Green Tailgating, Friday Night Lights, RecycleMania, Campus Conservation Nationals, BlackoUT, and the Give & Go: Move Out program. Brooke has earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management from Bowling Green State University and is currently working on her Masters in Engineering at UT. She also sits on the Stewardship Committee for the Black Swamp Conservancy.
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The University of Toledo’s SEED Initiative, housed within but not limited to Facilities & Construction, focuses on Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, and Design to ensure the University is operating in a manner that betters our neighbors, economy, and planet. Through environmental sustainability projects, energy conservation measures, innovative building renovation and design, and a comprehensive educational campaign, SEED commits itself to leaving behind a better planet than when we started.

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