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Are you sharing the road?

A sharrow symbol.

Did you notice the bicycle images with the arrows painted on the roads of campus? They are called sharrows. They signal to drivers and cyclists that riding a bike in the street is okay.

In fact, state law says that cyclists are supposed to ride in the street. In case you want to look up the traffic laws for yourself, here is a link to a short quiz (with answers!) about Ohio bike laws and a link to the Cycling Smarter Guide from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

As you can see, bicycles are considered vehicles and therefore should follow the same rules as automobiles. But, many people don’t feel safe riding their bikes in the roadways. Many drivers also don’t realize that bikes belong in the road.

Have the sharrows helped you realize that cyclists and drivers should share the road?

Wishing you safe travels!

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is a UT graduate, completing a B.S. of Science in exercise science with a concentration of athletic training in 2004. Once she became certified as an athletic trainer, she worked as a corporate wellness manager in the automotive industry. As part of her job, she served as a mediator between the United Auto Workers and management to ensure the health and safety of factory workers. Through her work, she learned that people have a vested interest in health and wellness but find the barriers to living a healthful life insurmountable. Her interactions with the people she encountered inspired her to find ways to reduce environmental barriers to health. She returned to school and studied active living while taking classes towards a M.A. in recreation where she became interested in the links between environmental sustainability, public health, and land-use policy. This interest ultimately led her to the PhD program in spatially integrated social sciences at UT. Her research interests include active living, storm water management, and epidemiology. She is passionate about empowering community members to use scientific findings for advocacy which results in the betterment of their neighborhoods. When she completes her PhD she hopes to work at the federal level on policy issues pertaining to health and environmental sustainability.
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