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Thank you for taking the transit survey!

Undergraduate Alex Chamberlain receiving her new Ipad from Diana Watts UT’s Transit Coordinator.

Thank you for taking the transit survey! It was very helpful to get your feedback so that we can improve UT and make it better for you to get around.

I would also like to congratulate Alex Chamberlain who won the IPAD! Way to go!!!!

We had 1529 people respond to our survey. Here is a breakdown of respondents:

698 Female
813 Male
9 Transgender
9 prefer not to answer

39 Full Time Faculty
6 Part Time Faculty
142 Full Time Staff
19 Part Time Staff
1058 FT Undergraduate
60 PT Undergraduate
173 FT Graduate
32 PT Graduate


is a UT graduate, completing a B.S. of Science in exercise science with a concentration of athletic training in 2004. Once she became certified as an athletic trainer, she worked as a corporate wellness manager in the automotive industry. As part of her job, she served as a mediator between the United Auto Workers and management to ensure the health and safety of factory workers. Through her work, she learned that people have a vested interest in health and wellness but find the barriers to living a healthful life insurmountable. Her interactions with the people she encountered inspired her to find ways to reduce environmental barriers to health. She returned to school and studied active living while taking classes towards a M.A. in recreation where she became interested in the links between environmental sustainability, public health, and land-use policy. This interest ultimately led her to the PhD program in spatially integrated social sciences at UT. Her research interests include active living, storm water management, and epidemiology. She is passionate about empowering community members to use scientific findings for advocacy which results in the betterment of their neighborhoods. When she completes her PhD she hopes to work at the federal level on policy issues pertaining to health and environmental sustainability.
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The University of Toledo’s SEED Initiative, housed within but not limited to Facilities & Construction, focuses on Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, and Design to ensure the University is operating in a manner that betters our neighbors, economy, and planet. Through environmental sustainability projects, energy conservation measures, innovative building renovation and design, and a comprehensive educational campaign, SEED commits itself to leaving behind a better planet than when we started.

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