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RecycleMania Week 1 Results

Week 1 results are in and so far, UT is doing great! With 461 schools competing this year, I would say UT’s  standings nationally and in the MAC are outstanding. Stay tuned for updates on Week 2 as well as information on the upcoming Community Electronics Recycling Drive!

National Tournament Week 1:

  • Gorilla Division (overall recycling)
    MAC Ranking: 1 | Competition Ranking: 32
  • Per Capita Classic (recycling per person)
  • MAC Ranking: 1 | Competition Ranking: 43
  • Paper
    MAC Ranking: 1 | Competition Ranking: 4
  • Corrugated Cardboard
    MAC Ranking: 3 | Competition Ranking: 51
  • Bottles & Cans
    MAC Ranking: 2 | Competition Ranking: 81

The Residence Halls have had a slow start this year. But we believe they will ramp up here in Week 2!

Residence Hall Competition Week 1:

Residence Hall results for Week 1 of RecycleMania 2014. Academic House & McKinnon Hall have the lead with Presidents Hall in 2nd.

Residence Hall results for Week 1 of RecycleMania 2014. Academic House & McKinnon Hall have the lead with Presidents Hall in 2nd.


is Brooke Mason, Sustainability Specialist for The University of Toledo, manages the Rocket Recycling program for over 100 buildings on three campuses with a staff of one non-student and six student employees. She is also responsible for the greenhouse gas inventory and the Climate Action Plan, which guide the University toward climate neutrality. Brooke is highly involved in sustainability education and outreach towards students including advising the Environmental Sustainability Living Learning Community, Society for Environmental Education, and UT’s Student Green Fund. She runs other student sustainability programs including Rockets Recycle: Green Tailgating, Friday Night Lights, RecycleMania, Campus Conservation Nationals, BlackoUT, and the Give & Go: Move Out program. Brooke has earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management from Bowling Green State University and is currently working on her Masters in Engineering at UT. She also sits on the Stewardship Committee for the Black Swamp Conservancy.
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The University of Toledo’s SEED Initiative, housed within but not limited to Facilities & Construction, focuses on Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, and Design to ensure the University is operating in a manner that betters our neighbors, economy, and planet. Through environmental sustainability projects, energy conservation measures, innovative building renovation and design, and a comprehensive educational campaign, SEED commits itself to leaving behind a better planet than when we started.

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