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Movin Up! 3rd Yr. Med Student Bridge Course

The UT- IISC has just played an important role in the training of 180 second year Medical Students moving up to their third year rotations.

Med Students in Bridge Course

Med Students in Bridge Course

Med Students Suturing - Bridge Course 2011

Med Students Suturing - Bridge Course 2011

In this academic year these medical students are beginning patient contact in hospitals and clinics.  The IISC staff and COM faculty hosted several training sessions in the IISC to help students learn and practice some of the clinical skills so that they are well prepared to safely take care of their patients.

These medical students rotated through three stations receiving  instruction on how to perform a female pelvic exam, basic suturing, opening a sterile package, sterile gowning and gloving, and starting a peripheral intravenous catheter.  After the demonstration, each student performed the procedure through hands-on practice using simulation models. 

While total mastery of these skills was not the goal, each medical student received direct oversight and feedback from faculty while they were practicing.  This experience greatly helps the skill development that is so necessary for safe patient care and it also helps students develop their confidence levels prior to entering the clinical setting. 

Students are also encouraged to continue to practice these new skills in their own time by using the Interprofessional Simulation Open Lab that was opened in February 2011.  This lab (Room 0407 – Collier Building) is open to those students who have learned a specific skill and who want to use the simulation training to further develop their skill level.

A big thank you to all faculty who helped support the four – three hour simulation training sessions.  Students’ comments included: “Great Workshops”, “Good skills to practice”, “Very Helpful”, and “Thank you for spending an extra few minutes with me”.  Good luck to the third year medical students as they move into their third year rotations. 

Please remember the IISC staff is always available to assist you in setting up additional practice sessions!

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