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Welcome I-Space!

Ben Stobbe and Ted Ronau - inside new I-Space

Ben Stobbe and Ted Ronau - inside UT's new BARCO I-Space

In a busy interprofessional simulation center, there is never a good time to renovate. In fact, this summer with the medical student Bridge Course; the orientation of incoming house staff; training of student nurses and physician assistant students; tours for prospective clients and interested community leaders; and training the ProMedica Air & Mobile teams, the IISC has been especially busy – even while we give this 12,000 sq. ft. of space a good face lift.  Kudos to Ben Stobbe and Brian Cress who have kept the IISC fully functional as they work around carpenters, painters and delivery people.

Removing one of the three 350 lb. screens from the Semi for I-Space

Removing one of the three 350 lb. screens from the Semi for I-Space

The most exciting event of the year for the IISC will surely be the installation of the 3-D Cad Wall and the virtual immersive BARCO I-Space. Now that the factory testing has been done to make sure that the systems operate, the installation began this week.  Thank you to all of you who had to use alternate entrances and exits in the Collier Building around the delivery of equipment on Tuesday, August 23!

Tricuspid Valve - Courtesy of Dan Brainard, CCI

Tricuspid Valve - Courtesy of Dan Brainard, CCI

Dan Brainard from CCI has been working with the 3-D Cad Wall that is on loan from BARCO to create a stunning, beating heart, complete with timed heart sounds. It is amazing to be able to virtually fly through the ventricles of the heart – through the tri-cuspid valves and into the atrium of the heart. All this in living color!

Heart photo for 3-D CAD Wall - Courtesy of Dan Brainard, CCI

Heart photo for 3-D CAD Wall - Courtesy of Dan Brainard, CCI

What an incredible learning, teaching and research opportunities this new technology will offer! Our goal is to offer a transformational learning environment that stimulates students and faculty to learn, teach and study.  Thank you again for your patience while we renovate the space!

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  1. Chris Zona Says:

    Thanks for the tour. It was very informative. We will be moving forward with curriculum utilizing this in the near future.

  2. Pamela Boyers Says:

    It was our pleasure! We are looking forward to working with you and your residents in our IISC! Thank you so much for your enthusiastic reception of the Center.

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