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Who are you going to call? SiloBusters

The Office Of Academic Engagement takes this role seriously.  We have begun developing collaborative relationships with other departments and we have served as links between various other campus constituents. 

The Leadership Through Service Living Learning Community has grown out of a relationship with The Office of Residence Life.  Academics and student life will collide in a precise manner next fall as the MacKinnon Doors open to 56 first year students.  The OAE will serve as the directing body of the community, Residence Life will play a detailed role and the academic partners will teach the cohort in the Res Hall. Admissions will assit in selecting the cohort and providing resources to ensure academic success. I am certain the students in this community will feel very supported, as they will have a strong TEAM supporting them.

 The Learning to Serve Course, which I co-facilitate, was born out of a cooperative with the Office of Dean of Students and OAE.  The numerous benefits to the students would not be an option if the collaboration had not occurred.  The funding for the alternative spring break trips to New York City and Washington D.C. was mostly supported by the Dean of Students and the Vice President for Student Affairs, with some funding from external support. 

 Helping to link other players is key to making the UT Rocket Soar. Just getting out of your silo is not enough!   This week the OAE was able to become the conduit that linked to outstanding professionals.  American Language Institute (ALI) Instructor, Natalie Dileman and Arts Living and Learning Community( ALLC) Director, Kate Abu-Absi spent an hour determining the endless ways to create relevant learning experiences for their students.  The ALLC students and Director will now be providing improvinazation lessons with the ALI students to help improve their conversational English.  ALI students will be taking part in the First Year Film Festival with the ALLC students and ALI students will be providing cultural presentations. To highlight the partnership, the ALI student artists will be invited to showcase their talents alongside the ALLC students in their annual spring showcase.  I am certain this is the beginning to many long term projects.

As every college and program begins to find better ways to use their resources, we can all rest assure that working as a team is still the weapon of choice when battling a tough economy…



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  1. Michele M Says:

    Thanks for the shout out Sam! If we had $1 for every time we’ve talked about how we can collaborate for the GG (greater good), we’d be rich:)
    Yesterday, I had the pleasure to talk at length with our fearless leader about how we (academic affairs, student affairs, and all the other affairs) MUST work together to impact retention. I got the pep talk I needed and I’m looking forward to investing in collaboration to impact student retention.
    Wishing you safe travels home;)

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