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The Journey is the Destination!


In life we all strive to reach many goals but we fail to realize that the journey is just as important as the destination. I’m here to remind you – the journey is the destination.


It’s time to register for next semester’s courses. How will you be spending your next semester? The small steps you take each day are sacred. In the end, you will make it! You will reach your goals. By the time you make it halfway over the bridge of life, you may have changed your mind as to where you want to end up. Remember to enjoy life’s challenges – the challenges in your coursework, friendships, relationships, family, and the challenges in work. The journey is as enjoyable as you make it. Rockets, how are you going to enjoy your journey?


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  1. Emily Hickey Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words Sammy! Change can be great. Hope you’re doing well!! 🙂

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It is my belief that students should seek diverse initiatives that will equip them to be change agents for the future. It is vital to step outside your comfort zone and unleash the potential that lies within yourself and within the world as you know it. This is your launch pad to "Explore your World."

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