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On beautiful autumn mornings I enjoy going for an early jog and smelling the scent of falling leaves. With the sun shining brightly on my shoulders and the wind gently cooling my face, I realize how lucky I am. I have a great family who supports and loves me, I have a rewarding and challenging career that allows me to work with a variety of diverse students, faculty, and staff and most importantly I get to be myself while making a difference each and every day.


You will be faced with a lot of threats in life but you will also be presented a lot of opportunities. I hope that with your education from The University of Toledo and your international and experiential learning opportunities, you too will take control of your life and make this world a better place. In the Center for International Studies and Programs, we encourage our students to excel inside and outside the classroom. I can guarantee you that no student has ever returned from time abroad regretting their decision to engage themselves in a new way. I can also promise you that participating in one of CISP’s programs will benefit you immensely in personal, professional, academic and other unknown avenues that you never dreamed of. Being you is one thing no one else can do. Why don’t you become the best you that you can be? Be You-tiful Rockets!


See how studying abroad has transformed the lives of current Rockets: HERE


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It is my belief that students should seek diverse initiatives that will equip them to be change agents for the future. It is vital to step outside your comfort zone and unleash the potential that lies within yourself and within the world as you know it. This is your launch pad to "Explore your World."

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