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Host-An-International Student this Thanksgiving!

Hello University of Toledo Family (Faculty/Staff),
Holidays are the times we unwind with family and friends. For most of our students that is the time to regroup and prepare to tackle another semester, but for many of our international students this is not the case. Within the Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP) we are working to enhance the international student experience. We currently have a team from across campus developing programs and events to meet this need. With the anticipation of Thanksgiving, the Global Programming Specialists (GPS) Committee, for the first time ever, is organizing the Host-An-International Student Program for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Distance, work, preparation for finals or other activities keep some international students from going home for the holidays. The GPS committee is reaching out to you to see if you are willing to open your home to an international student (or two!) for Thanksgiving. Please consider opening your home and your heart to our Rockets this season.  
To enroll in this program, please visit the website: HERE 
Please direct questions to:
Sara Clark
Assistant Director, Center for International Studies and Programs
419-530-5268   sara.clark2@utoledo.edu
Thanksgiving Host Family Frequently Asked Questions      
How do I become a Host for the Thanksgiving Holiday?
Any Current University of Toledo Faculty/Staff can participate by filling out and submitting an online request form located on the CISP website: HERE.
How are Thanksgiving Holiday Hosts matched with student guests?
By submitting a request form, students and hosts are matched on a first-come first-serve basis. Matches are mainly based on the number of hosts we have available. We will attempt to match any requests, such as certain cultures.
How will I know if I am hosting a student for Thanksgiving?
After submitting the online request form, you will receive a notification with a name, email and contact information of the student you will be hosting. Our Global Programming Specialist (GPS) team will notify you as soon as we have a match so that you may begin making arrangements with your student.
What are my expectations as a Thanksgiving Holiday Host?
By signing up as a host, it is expected that you warmly welcome the students into your home. It is your responsibility to communicate with the students to make arrangements for this holiday event. Our office will not be responsible for making plans between Hosts and Students.
Are hosts expected to house their Thanksgiving Holiday Student Guest overnight?
No, hosts are not expected to provide overnight housing.
Is it appropriate to bring my Student Guest to my friends or family member’s Thanksgiving Celebration?
Yes, it is absolutely appropriate but only if your friend or family member is willing to accommodate your guest.
I am not able to provide transportation for my Student Guest but would still like to be a host, is this possible?
Yes. While not required, many hosts offer to provide transportation for their student guest to and from the Thanksgiving event. For hosts who are not able to provide transportation, we will do our best to match them with students who have their own car.
Can I host a student on another day during the Holiday Break?
Sure, consider the Friday after Thanksgiving after Black Friday shopping or anytime that weekend. Do what works best for your family.

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