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Free Burgers and a Movie


This year’s International Education Week (IEW) was a huge success! Throughout November 12-16th UT’s Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP) hosted 5 days full of international education activities with more than 28 sessions! Special highlights included Rui Li’s traditional bamboo music, Keynote Speaker Janice Perlman, a sushi demonstration, Crossing Borders film screening, and many more. Additionally, IEW joined with the International Student Association (ISA) to host another fantastic I-Village!


Sponsored by the Dean of Students – We ate some delicious food from around the world!


On behalf of CISP I would like to thank Dining Services for preparing and adding international foods to their menus, and the Carlson Library for creating an excellent and thorough Explore Your World Library Exhibit. In addition, CISP’s first International Photography Contest welcomed 27 fantastic contestants, with both international and domestic submissions! Voting was opened to all UT students in the Tom Trimble Lounge on Wednesday, November 14th. This year’s first ever International Photography Contest submission is displayed below!


Photo Contest Winner: Murilo Lebreiro Guimarães Teldeschi

Major: Engineering; Undergraduate

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo taken: April 2011

Location: Bahia de Guanabara


Other winners at this year’s IEW celebration include the following:

Flag Trivia

Doug Miller & Hassan Alashoor

Tricky Trivia

Adekemi Ademuyew & Edmond Lui

All winners received dinner vouchers and movie tickets for 2! Congratulations!

In closing, this week-long event has demonstrated that UT has a growing interest in becoming a globally-conscious, internationally educated institution. We thank several faculty members who devoted their time and wisdom by sharing personal experiences with us, we thank our out-of-town guests who brought with them new knowledge, we thank our students for exhibiting their talents and passions, and none of this could have happened without the leadership of my Assistant Director Sara Clark, Cathy Zimmer and CISP Staff. My staff were instrumental in making the week full of academically enriching, experiential learning opportunities for all students, faculty and staff. I am so proud of my division and our UT Community! A big THANK YOU to all who took part in this week. I hope to see several of you volunteer at more CISP events in the future. It is rewarding to see that UT is actively participating in a movement that is bigger than our campus: http://iew.state.gov/index.cfm

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Kristen Huffman Says:

    IEW was so much fun this year. The film Crossing Borders is a MUST SEE for college students and administrators alike. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing team!! 🙂

  2. Sara Clark Says:

    A big thank you to everyone that helped to make this week great!

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