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Don’t Fret Finals! FREE MASSAGES in CISP

It is the end of another Fall semester. Dreading finals? Fear not! The Center for International Studies and Programs has gathered a team of experts to help you navigate through the tricky time we all love – Finals Week. Even though the end of a semester can bring immense amounts of stress to those who have procrastinated, remember to stay healthy – mind, body, and soul!

Dr. Stanley Edwards, Director of UT’s Counseling Center, and Vicki Felt, UT Physicians Group Massage Therapist, will be on-hand in Snyder Memorial, CISP 1st floor lounge, this Friday, December 7th from 11 AM to 1 PM to assist you with stress management tips and FREE massages. Learn how to prepare, relax, and succeed on your finals. Remove any tension from your neck and shoulders before exams to perform your best.

Need to relax? Watch a relaxation video HERE. Also, keep an eye out for next semester’s ‘Success Workshops’ offered free by the Counseling Center. Examples of past workshops are HERE.

All students who visit CISP’s Relaxation Day will be entered for a chance to win a private 30 minute massage! The two lucky winners can schedule their massage with Vicki at the time of their choice.


Learn more about our team of experts by visiting their office’s website or reaching out through e-mail:

Dr. Stanley Edwards Counseling Center stanley.edwards2@utoledo.edu

Vicki Feit Massage Therapy vicki.feit@utoledo.edu

Hope to see you this Friday in SM 1000 Rockets!


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  1. Sara Clark Says:

    What a great way to end the week!!!

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