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2013 Resolution: Make A Spring Semester Bucket List!


Rocket Country have you made any resolutions for 2013? CISP would like to provide you with a short list of several items that should be on your UT Spring Semester Bucket List. Graduation will be here before you know it – whether you are a first-year student or a PhD., here are some ideas to enhance your academic experience before you become distinguished alumni of our fantastic university:

1. Intern! Obtaining an internship is a great way to get hands-on experience both in the field and in the classroom. Interning will also increase your likelihood of obtaining employment upon graduation. Come to CISP (Snyder Memorial, Suit 1000) to learn more about interning internationally or in Ohio! More internship information can also be found HERE.

2. Study Abroad! CISP offers students and faculty a multitude of ways to get out and see the world by obtaining first-person hands-on experiences around the world. We guarantee that taking part in an education abroad program will enhance your educational path. Learn more on CISP’s website HERE. Students can register for a FREE CISP Info Session online HERE.

3. GPS! Global Programming Specialists (GPS) organize events for international and domestic students to come together through the cultural and intellectual sharing of customs and knowledge. To join in, please stop by Snyder Memorial, Suite 1000 to purchase your tickets for one or more of the various events listed on our webpage HERE.

4. ISA! International Student Association is always looking for international and domestic students to join their team. Visit the UT ISA Facebook page to learn more and get the details to attend the next general body meeting HERE.

5. Career Services! Do you need a job? Major? Internship? Resume? or Interviewing skills? Workshop Wednesdays may hold the key to your success! *Note: Resume Development and Major Selection presentations are being held this week. This flyer will give you the locations, dates and times you need to get the help you desire HERE.


Other fun ideas include:

1. Attending an athletic event! Have you cheered our Rocket teams to victory? Find Schedules and Top News HERE.

2. Stay healthy! The Rec has hundreds of activities to keep you active, even during the cold months. Take a workout class, join a pick-up game of basketball, go for a swim, or take a few laps around the indoor track. Staying active will help keep your mind and body strong. Learn more about winter opportunities on The Rec’s website HERE.

3. Stay positive! Staying healthy isn’t always as easy as 30 minutes on a treadmill or cutting the soda from your diet. Any students who need some counseling  to balance their mental health with physical health should visit the campus Counseling Center to take advantage of their free services. Learn more HERE.

 4. Schedule ‘Friend Time’! You will certainly be dedicating the majority of your time to your studies, student organizations, work, and family but remember to set aside some time to relieve stress and enjoy the company of friends. We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine! Whether you meet for dinner, watch a concert, form a bowling league, or go ice skating, spending a bit of time with friends will help you achieve equilibrium in both your academic and social lives.

5. See a play! UT’s Department of Theater and Film offers students an inexpensive theater experience for $7 and faculty and staff $12. Support your fellow Rocket thespians by attending a show in February or April! Tickets make great gifts, fun dates and are a great conversation pieces! You can easily purchase tickets online to the show of your choice HERE.

Are you ready to expand your comfort zone and grow as a learner? We in CISP hope this list gives you some guidance and directs you towards high achievement this spring semester. Involved students tend to have higher grades and more fun! Make sure you are one of these high achieving students this semester, and every semester, at UToledo!

Do you have other ‘must-do’ ideas that we should know about for spring semester? Please share them below!






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