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At the beginning of each semester, international students arrive in huge numbers to Toledo; these students come from all over the world and of many nationalities. In the corridors of the university, in the streets, and in the community, the salad bowl of cultures is embodied. Each semester the Office of International Student and Scholar Services organizes International Student Orientation (ISO) for these students. More than 204 new students arrived at the University of Toledo (UT) this semester, compared to 85 students in the spring last year, an increase of 140 percent!

This significant growth in the number of international students reflects the commitment that the University has placed on experiential initiatives. Other reasons behind this significant growth are the quality education, warm welcome, and hospitable programs the Center for International Studies and Programs offers to its new students from all over the world. Several resources are required to serve students who come from another country, especially those who have never stepped foot in America until they decided to study in the USA. Academic and student support resources are made available to help international students who are seeking to obtain a high quality degree at UT. In addition to enriching the academic and cultural fabric of our campus, international students provide domestic students and faculty with the opportunity to become introspective of their own culture.

The Center for International Studies and Programs (CISP) also offers different experiential learning programs and activities for international and domestic students to improve the human condition and increase global competencies on our campus. CISP provides a personalized welcome to each new arrival through the airport pickup program. To facilitate international student’s transition from their first day at the University, overseas students get surprised with a week of ongoing activities that we have planned for them including a tour of the campus, a showcase of all on and off campus housing possibilities, a Toledo Tour including a necessity item shopping opportunity. CISP also offers Rocket Recycle, a bicycle loan program to ensure international students have access to an inexpensive mode of transportation.

The CISP’s Global Programming Specialists (GPS) provide numerous cultural immersion experiences such as the NEW Global Exchange Living Learning Community and service learning opportunities to aid the less fortunate in New York City and Washington D.C. CISP also plans some fun activities to break barriers and learn about others over events such as the Alpine Valley Ski trip, the Detroit International Auto Show, and the upcoming Walt Disney World Leadership experience over spring break. Finally, CISP provides shopping trips every month to supermarkets to help students obtain necessities such as toiletries or large items that are not easily transported without an automobile.


The Center for International Studies and Programs works with local organizations and American families to welcome new international students in their houses and experience American culture on special days like Thanksgiving. CISP also assists the International Student Association (ISA) with financial support and leadership. ISA has hosted several outstanding events including but not limited to the International Student Welcome Party and International Village food festival.

The international student population at UT is something I am very proud of. I have met so many wonderful students through our exchange programs and the American Language Institute. If you are interested in being more involved in experiential, international opportunities on campus, please visit CISP in Snyder Memorial, Suite 1000 today! International experiences are sure to challenge you in new ways and help you to EXPLORE YOUR WORLD. Make a new international friend and join an international group today.

International Students in Numbers

  • Over 1800 international students
  • Comprise 8% of UT student population
  • 140% increase in total population from last spring
  • Largest first-year student class in the spring of 2013
  • 140 newly enrolled UT students and 64 new ALI students for a total of 204 new Rockets!
  • International students come from over 80 countries
  • Largest populations come from China, India and Saudi Arabia, respectively

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