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Connecting Our World is a grassroots online community that brings together NAFSA’s international educators and anyone who is interested in the issues/global engagement to advocate for policies that advance international education. Education, connection, and mobilization are three pillars that Connecting Our World utilizes to accomplish this mission.

Issues and goals that Connecting Our World seeks to advocate for include: 1. Increasing the percentage of Americans who study abroad from 1% of American college students to 1 million per year, 2. Supporting public policy that will attract and retain foreign students and scholars during their academic years and beyond, this includes supporting the DREAM Act, 3. Inspiring a new era of global engagement by increasing awareness of local issues that increase cooperation between nations (Connecting Our World aims to fulfill this need through U.S. public diplomacy and international service by American citizens.), and finally 4. Supporting international education innovations across the USA.

To learn more about Connecting Our World’s advocacy initiatives please read and take action on their website HERE.

Connecting Our World is powered by the nearly 10,000 NAFSA members worldwide who believe in and support international education and the connecting of students, scholars, educators, and citizens across borders to advance peace, security, and well-being. The University of Toledo is a member of NAFSA and has been able to propel the creation and innovation of UT’s Center for International Studies and Programs due to the high-quality information provided by this large network of intelligent trailblazers.

Do you want to make a difference? Learn how you can inspire and influence your communities by becoming a change agent. Read ideas to get involved HERE and sign up for alerts from Connecting Our World HERE.

Unsure why immigration reform is needed? Educate yourself! Google ‘immigration reform’ and thousands of articles will share commentary on this issue. Even the President of the United States Barack Obama has called on Congress to draft a bill and pass it over his desk.

Call for Action

UT’s own higher education master’s student Kristen Huffman has been awarded a prestigious travel grant from NAFSA Region IV. She was selected to be one of three representatives from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, to advocate for immigration reform on Capitol Hill for Advocacy Day on March 12-13. Huffman will meet with our Ohio State Representative and Senators.

Advocacy Day is March 13th

Please share your stories! Huffman would like to know why immigration reform is important to you and your family. Do you, a friend or family member have a story to share? Are you an international student who has faced issues during the pursuit of your degree and job search in the US? Have you or are you currently seeking permanent residency in the United States? Huffman would like to hear you voice and share it with our government officials during her visit to Washington, D.C. Please e-mail your narrative to kristen.huffman@utoledo.edu if you would like your voice to be heard.


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