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Thank you for a safe fall semester

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Campus safety is a partnership and I wanted to write and thank you for being a great partner.

During fall semester, The University of Toledo Police Department responded to very few serious incidents on campus. While one is too many, it is thanks to your preventative and proactive efforts that UT’s campus remains one of the safest locations in the city and one of the safest college campuses in Ohio.

The entire UT Police Department looks forward to working with you as we carry this momentum into the spring.

Visit the UTPD website for information on safety services like UT Alert and Lifeline Response Enterprise and please take time to follow UTPD on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great break and stay safe.

Knowing what to do in a tornado key to surviving

The long awaited spring weather brings a renewed threat to northwest Ohio; tornado season is upon us.

Yesterday the lethality of tornado season was realized as powerful storms raged through parts of the Midwest and southern U.S. states killing 17 people and causing devastating destruction to homes and businesses. Ohio was fortunately spared the carnage of yesterday’s storms. In June of 2010, however, severe weather ravaged several northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan communities causing loss of life and property.

To notify you when Lucas County is under a tornado warning, the outdoor public address will activate and sound an alarm and provide a tornado warning message. The university also will send a UT Alert text message during a tornado warning and activate internal notification in buildings where available. Once a tornado warning is issued, university procedure requires all persons to stop regular activities and immediately seek shelter in a tornado safe waiting area. The chances of surviving a tornado significantly increase if safer shelter can be found.

All buildings have areas designated as safer during a tornado. The locations are usually ground floor or basement areas absent of windows and are identified by a picture of a twister on a placard. More information about what to do in a tornado as well as the university procedure for severe weather/tornado response and a list of tornado safe waiting areas can be found at: http://www.utoledo.edu/depts/emergency/WhatToDo/WTD_Weather.html


UT Police offering police officer test

The most important decision I make, hands down, is hiring a new police officer. When I hire a UT police officer, I am placing ultimate trust in the person’s character, judgment and commitment to the safety of the community. It’s a seriously important selection.

I’m excited to announce UT Police will be offering a police test to fill vacancies resulting from upcoming retirements. Please encourage anyone meeting the qualifications to consider. University policing is a dynamic career; requiring the ability to respond to emergencies, conduct educational programming, and build relationships with a diverse community. It’s an amazing opportunity.

The test will be offered to qualified candidates the morning of April 26th 2014.

Applications are being accepted at: http://jobs.utoledo.edu.

Direct Link: http://jobs.utoledo.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=55235

Check out UTPD’s Safety Event Wednesday Feb 26th 7-9 at the SU

On Wednesday February 26th UTPD and Student Government will be hosting a safety event between 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. in the Student Union, 2592. We will entice you to check out the event with the offer of pizza and the opportunity to win prizes. I will be there to briefly discuss the ways UT Police communicates with students during both emergencies and non-emergencies, encourage students to take advantage of safety technology available to UT students like the smart phone app Lifeline Response EDU and answer questions and take suggestions about safety.

After pizza and my brief remarks, UTPD is offering students two fantastic training options; ALICE and Healthy Boundaries. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, and will help you survive a shooting or violent incident. ALICE will open your eyes to options you may have never considered in a life or death situation. It’s training that transfers to any environment and will stay with you well after college. Sergeant Doug Perry will instruct ALICE.

The most common form of violence is not random violence, but violence found within context of personal and romantic relationships. Healthy boundaries helps students learn healthy relationship skills, providing mutual balance and growth within a relationship and constructive ways to deal with conflict. Healthy Boundaries training is lead by Lt. Tressa Johnson, also a certified counselor.

Prior to the event, I will be conducting a Twitter safety chat from 6-7 p.m. Follow UTPD on Twitter at @UToledoPD, and LifeLine Response EDU at @LLResponse and participate with the hashtag #UTSafetyChat to join the conversation.

Participate in the Twitter chat at http://utole.do/safetychat or with the Twitter website or app.

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday night.

Thank You Toledo Fire Department

Yesterday a contingent of UTPD command officers and police officers attended the memorial service of Toledo Firefighter Stephen Machcinski and Toledo Firefighter James Dickman. On January 26th, Firefighters Machcinski and Dickman perished doing what they loved to do, fighting a fire in an apartment complex in north Toledo.

Both men left the world far too early, leaving behind friends, family and a department that deeply loved them. Thousands attended the memorial service. The shoulder patches on the dress uniforms revealed how far away fellow firefighters traveled to pay respects : Canton Ohio, Dearborn Michigan, Windsor Canada, New York City, Seattle Washington to name a few. Firefighters form an incredible brotherhood and sisterhood like few other professions.

In our modern world, it would seem to make sense that no one should have to risk their life in his or her vocation, but many still do. Please remember the Toledo Firefighters who respond to our campus emergencies lost two dear members of their family. If you see the Toledo Fire Department on campus and have the opportunity, thank them for their service and let them know the sacrifices to keep our campus and community safe are appreciated.

Here’s to a theft-free holiday…

Tis the season for giving, but criminals are on the take. Property crime trends up during the holidays so take precautions to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim. What ruins the festivities faster than a grinch taking your prized possessions or the gifts destined for friends and loved ones?

Take time to make sure your residence and vehicle are secure. The common thief would rather slip into an unlocked basement window or open car door than use force to gain entry. Criminals committed to increasing the risk of detection through force are more likely to select targets where valuables are in plain view. Keep valuables out of sight. If you just do these two things, you’ll dramatically reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a property crime.

In life, some fortunate individuals can do all the wrong things and never become a victim of crime while others do everything right and alas, crime seems to find them. As a final precautionary step, University of Toledo students can register identifying information of electronic devices and bikes on the MyUT student tab under the “My Other Resources” header. If you do fall victim to theft, having this information greatly increases the odds of recovering stolen property. UT Police can link the serial numbers of stolen property with property recovered in cases around northwest Ohio.

Have a safe break! See it! Hear it! Report it!

Remember 853 and get home safe

While many of us are eager to get home for the holidays, we need to make sure we get home and return to Toledo safely. In 2013, 853 persons have died to date in traffic accidents occurring on Ohio roadways. Even one person needlessly lost in a traffic accident is devastatingly tragic; family, friends and communities are left to deal with the loss. 853 is a difficult statistic to digest.

To extract a silver lining from a gruesome statistic, 853 traffic related fatalities represents an all-time record low pace for the state. In an effort to keep this statistic as low as possible, law enforcement will be out in force during holidays to keep drivers at legal speeds, making sure vehicle occupants are wearing seatbelts and taking impaired drivers off the roadways.

When you set out for home or some other destination over the holidays, and your thoughts are pinging on a million different things, remember the obscure but incredibly meaningful statistic 853 and slow down on the roads, consider the weather and road conditions, and wear your seatbelt. If alcohol is part of your holiday plans, make sure a designated driver is used. NEVER drink and drive.

Get home safely.

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Nothing is more important to us than your safety. The University of Toledo believes every person working, living and learning on The University of Toledo campuses has the right to a safe and secure environment, free of harassment and biased-based incidents of any kind. This blog will deliver the latest safety and security information to our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Please also visit us on our Facebook Page.

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